Macrocybe titans; Kiawha island, SC
Macrocybe titans; Kiawha Island, SC
Volvariella volvacea from compost!
Big bag of Clemson Chanterelles!
Ganoderma in Memphis, Tn
Moth Cordyceps plus other fungi!
Amanita sp. Jocassee Gorges, SC
Unique fractal growth of Lions Mane
Tremella sp. Memphis, Tn
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Amanita jacksonii; Clemson, SC
Twin mushies on a sweetgum ball!
Morel Twins
Morel harvest
Mushroom feast, North Carolina
Auricularia; Shelby Farms Memphis
Amanita caesaria spore print
Xylaria growing on wood composite!
Agaricus bisporus garden bed
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