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As a creative scientist, I strive to push the limitations in which science is viewed and practiced. I believe the scientific process should be accessible to every single person, as well as inspiring and motivating, fueling a fire to look deeper into the constructs of our world and empowering the individual in a realization that infinite discovery is always possible and present. I view my career, as well as the scientific process itself, as a spiritual path. I am working not only to facilitate deep connectivity and a gratifying life experience through discovery and curiosity, but also to improve the state and understanding of this world.

Pestaliopsis microspora, a plastic eating fungus, on agar

2010 - 2013

Stetson University

Bachelors of Science in Biology

French Minor



Mycoremediation via Fungal Biochemistry

Utilizing fungal metabolism and diversity to restore health and balance in the natural environment

Fungal Phylogeny, Genetic Diversity, and Species Preservation

Elucidating fungal speciation and diversity through molecular techniques. Investigating environmental structures and roles for conservational efforts

Feminine Empowerment and Citizen Science

Empowering women in science and business through the current grassroots movement and discovery potential in mycology. Bringing scientific techniques into every day life!

MycoRemedies - Working with Fungi for Healing

Investigating medicinal properties of unstudied species and variations in metabolites 


College of Coastal Georgia

Transient Student


Highlands Biological Research Station

Fleshy Fungi of the Highlands Plateau course


Stetson University

Bachelors of Science in Biology

French Minor

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