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Christian Killebrew Marr

I am a scientist, an alchemist, an educator, a creator, a healer, and a student. Mycology is my central passion and expertise, though I have a wide spectrum of experiences and skills both within and without of this field. 
Just as the fungal mycelium networks that cover the surface of this earth facilitate connectivity through all levels of life, I created this site with the intent of keeping my students and colleagues connected and up to date on my endeavors. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, curiosities, or musings! 

New Mushroom Mountain lab in Jamaica with The Source Farm 
Sonic Bloom Festival Workshop

Upcoming Events

Mycoremediation Projects

New Mushroom Mountain Lab in Jamaica with The Source Farm

Recent Publications

Begomovirus-Associated Satellite DNA Diversity Captured Through Vector Enabled Metagenomic (VEM) Surveys usinig Whiteflies (Alerodidae)

Vector-Enabled Metagenomic (VEM) Surveys Using Whiteflies (Aleyrodidae) Reveal Novel Begomovirus Species in the New and Old Worlds

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